Friday, 15 July 2011

1)Boy held in B.Tech girl's suicide case

Boy held in B.Tech girl's suicide case

A youth was arrested today in connection with the suicide case of a 22-year-old B.Tech student, police said here.
Hina Kakkad, a first year B.Tech student of Manav Rachna International University had allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the window of her hostel building three days ago.
Police have arrested Vivek, a close friend of the girl while another suspect Abhishek is still absconding.
According to the police, both of them were close friends of Hina and she committed suicide fearing that the family would get knowledge of their friendship.
The family of the girl had provided information about Vivek and said he had called them before the incident and warned them about it.


The students of FET participated in ROBOCON -2011. They worked very hard to cross many stages but could not reach the finals. But as the students say, “participation is important and we worked as a team with the guidance of our Professors.

ROBOCON is the one of the  most  prestigious robotics competitions in  INDIA,  where knowledge and dedication are the key words. This time our college team (member of ANDROID CLUB for robotics) comprised of 25 minds which included freshers and students from the final year.
ROBOCON  came  into  existence in 2001 in Japan and since then it is organized every year by ABU-ASIA PACIFIC which goes global with an active participation from more than 8 countries.
This time, the competition is being  organized  by  BANGKOK where  the  winner  from  each country is going to be competing with others to be the winner of Robocon-2011 in August.
The hard work for the project began in December 2010 and we were guided by our mentors Mr. ABHISHEK  KUMAR  (DY  REG) and Mr. SANJAY BANSAL (HD OF MRIIC). The students from FET were  invited  to  come  forward with  innovative ideas. A team of 25 member was  finalized, with Priyanka  chaudhary  (4th  year CITM) as the coordinator of the team.

1.Priyanka chaudhary(coordinator)
2.Harshit Arora(Electronic’s coordinator)
3.Vinay  Kushwaha(mechanical coordinator)
4.Ishant Goyal
5.Deepika Sheron
6.Amit Kumar Singh
7.Nitesh Karnwal
8.Akshay Singhla
9.Ketan Dutt
10.Rohin Sharma
11. Rahul Jagga
12. Piyush Kalara
13.Osama Bin Azeem
14.Karan Narula
15.Aman Verma
16.Katatayan Tivari
19.Dixit Aggarwal

21.Anil Goyal
Within 2 months of concentration and extreme hard work under the guidance of our mentors, we got ready to brave the challenges.
Our college became our second home. We spent sleepless nights in the college workshops under the guidance of Ojha Sir, Kishan Sir and a team of other teachers. We marched towards our dream on 28 February. 2011. Reaching Pune with our robots was a big step forward but the biggest challenge still awaited us.

In the 1st round, our opponent team was Vishvwshwarya Institute and we managed to defeat them with a margin of 24 points. It was a wonderful experience for us and gave us immense boost to give our best and compete in the next stage.
Although, we could not make to the finals, but we are confident that laurels are not far away for us.
For  registration  to  the  ANDROID  CLUB  contact  :  Ishant Goyal.  Contact    no.- 08860715710

3)Manav Rachna Students earn top honours at Microsoft Imagine Cup

Manav Rachna students once again made it big in the one of the most prestigious technology innovation competition in the world. Team ‘Supersonic Tortoises’ consisting of 4 final year B.Tech students namely Tushar Chugh & Adeel Kidwai(Manav Rachna College of Engineering) and Madhav Malhotra & Anchal Arora (Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Manav Rachna International University) won the second prize and a cash award of Rs.70000 in the Microsoft Imagine Cup.
The team prepared a project called, ‘PregnaCare System’ a portable, robust and user centric embedded system device which aims at providing healthcare services to pregnant women and infants. The device consists of an E-BOX, MedCheck device with temperature sensors, real time clock, reminder buzzer and LED display. A pregnant women or an infant, who visits a hospital in a rural area registers through an operator electronically, whose history and diagnosis is punched in the E-BOX. MedCheck device reminds the patient about the medicines to be taken, vaccination required, appointment with doctor etc. Doctor may see the history and appointment schedule of each patient through a specially maintained website created for this purpose.
Another team consisting of Aman Jain, B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering 1st year and Rishabh Goyal, B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering 2nd year from Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Manav Rachna International University won the Third Prize and a cash award of Rs.60000 for their project named Tractrobot.  Tractrobot is an automation kit which replaces human controlled agricultural operations into a robot controlled tractor. The system is ideal for use in most standard farming practices. User can control the system through the remote control unit using a joystick. The remote unit consists of video monitoring system which uses Wi-Fi/GPRS/3G. The handheld GIS system allows the farmers to remain in touch with latest updates.
Congratulating all the winners, Prashant Bhalla, Senior Vice President, Manav Rachna International University, said, “At MRIU our endeavour is to promote the holistic growth of Science and Technology amongst our students so that they could apply their knowledge and produce path breaking innovations that would help the society and the country in large. Our students have been participating in Microsoft Imagine Cup since 2010 and last year also our team was the only team from India which participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010 finals at Poland.”
Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 now in its ninth year attracted more than 325000 students from 130 countries and competitions in the field of Embedded Systems were held in 14 countries namely Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States. In India, more than 90000 students participated in two competitions namely Embedded Systems and Software Development. 400 teams submitted their ideas under ‘Embedded Systems’ category out of which 28 teams were finally selected for Round 2. Each team was provided with an embedded system device E-BOX on which they were asked to build the solution. The teams were required to submit a 5 minute video demonstrating the working of the project and a 12 to 15 page document manual giving the details. 7 teams were selected in Round 2 to participate in the national finals held from 27th April 2011 to 28th April 2011 at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.

4)Manav Rachna students won Best Technology Innovation Award

The students of Manav Rachna International University participated in SUPRA SAE India 2011 event organized by Society of Automotive Engineers at Madras Motor Sports Race Track, Chennai from 1st to 3rd July, 2011. In total 44 teams from all over India participated in the event. Our team won the following awards:

  • Best Technology Innovation Award worth Rs 50,000/-
  • Second prize in Skid Pad Test worth Rs 25,000/-
The ‘Best Technology Innovation award’ was given for the innovative design of the rear suspension of the formula vehicle. The judges had opined that it is rare to see new innovations in a formula car.
In the ‘skid pad test’ the vehicle is required to complete small radius circular laps in minimum time.
Interestingly, MRIU entry was the lead car to race on the track since it qualified all pre-run tests before all other vehicles. Aesthetics, design and fabrication quality of the MRIU vehicle were commended and appreciated by the participants and observers.
The event sponsors were Maruti Suzuki, John Deere, Eaton, Cummins, Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, ARAI and Ashok Leyland.
The team members are:

  • Sameer Gupta – Captain
  • Abhishek Nandal – Vice Captain
  • Brijesh Kumar
  • Parag Sharma
  • Pravesh Malhan
  • Tarun Rana
  • Sahil Chadda
  • Vipul Kumar
  • Faculty advisor: Mr Abhishek Chauhan

5)Manav Rachna International University establishesIndia’s very first BCI-licensed International Center for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS®)
Press Release
Present across 40+ countries with more than 400 Certification Training Centers, the world’s foremost outsourcing Standards and certification body the BPO Certification Institute, Inc. (BCI), USA has identified Manav Rachna for setting up India’s first International Center for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS®) in its university system.
New Delhi, April 30, 2011: MRIU, became India’s first University to host & establish the International Center for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS®) under license from the global BPO standards leader, BPO certification Institute, Inc.(BCI) United States.
With this association, MRIU is ready to launch a slew of International certification and degree programs in BPO & Outsourcing including the internationally benchmarked Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in different areas of outsourcing with complete employment assurance for students who achieve a BCI credential. Equally importantly, MRIU also becomes the first university in India to will offer PhD programs in outsourcing and research and consulting to the BPO Industry.
Mr. Prashant Bhalla, Senior Vice President, MRIU, said: “MRIU has launched this International Centre for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS®) under license from the global BPO standards leader, BPO certification Institute, Inc, United States. The objective is to make MRIU a hotbed of outsourcing/BPO research & knowledge creation and a modern “nursery” for nurturing worldclass BPO talents. Indeed, our objective is to elevate the ICOS® into a Center of Excellence in the next two years. We firmly believe that most of our students have it in them to start a career in this industry that assures such fantastic growth opportunities, and also the freedom and experience to switch to other industries and careers later on”
As may not be widely known, BPO industry offers perhaps the most lucrative career opportunities for young graduates. In India, for instance even an average graduate with training and certification may conveniently start a career with salaries ranging between 1.5 L– 2.5 L per annum. In fact, the KPO industry offers opportunities worth 2.5 L – 4 L per annum to certain specially trained graduates and MRIU is keen to install a process to commence talent-creation for this industry right from the next academic year starting in July 2011.
Though the complete fee structure is due for release shortly, typical BCI entry-level certification programs cost 100 USD and the higher level certifications range between 150-500 USD. Along with MRIU 7 other international Universities are also joining BCI.
About the BPO Certification Institute, Inc.

Notably, BCI is a recognized driving force in the global BPO industry today, laying down standards of human competence, talent management and service delivery for the industry. BCI’s widest-spectrum portfolio includes 23 professional certifications for BPO professionals covering all the 6 operative levels – Entry, Specialist, Team leader, Manager, Functional Leader and business Leader. BCI touches the lives of over 80,000 professionals every year including thousands of young students across more than 1200 Universities & Institutes worldwide.

phony With Life-Symphony 2011
"We participated in 5 events and bagged the 1st prize in Collage Making, 2nd prize in Debatte, 3rd prize in Photography and Rangoli making. Winning is one very small part of  our trip to Mumbai, the larger part lies in the learning that took place. A wise thinker once said 'we’ve not lived a day if  we haven’t grown from yesterday ,' " say the students from the Bio-tech department who represented Manav Rachna at SYMPHONY 2011 at  K.J.Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai.

The Festival at the  K.J.Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai truly lived up to its name. 'SYMPHONY 2011' brought colleges and universities from across the county under one roof. And for us, the students from FET, it was a dream come true and participation brought symphony into our lives and we shall cherish our memories to Mumbai for a long time.
We began with hurdles to cross and had a difficult time convincing the Management that we would make a mark at the cultural festival. That this was going to be a good opportunity and we were granted official permission to participate in the cultural festival 'Symphony 2011.'
We boarded our train for Mumbai on the 2nd of February 2011, and arrived on the Mumbai platform on 3rd February. The fest was scheduled to be held from 4th February to 6th February and we had registered for five events i.e. Debate, Photography, Rangoli making, Collage making and Model United Nations.
We participated in 5 events and bagged the 1st prize in Collage making, 2nd prize in Debate, 3rd prize in Photography and in Rangoli making. Winning is one very small part of our trip to Mumbai, the larger part lies in the learning that took place. A wise thinker once said ”we’ve not lived a day if we haven’t grown from yesterday” And rightly it has been said, we’ve also grown in many ways. We stayed in Mumbai for four days and every day brought us a new learning experience, every little moment or incident taught us a new lesson and made us wiser.
Sonali Khera, one of the participants from our team said, “being all by ourselves in a new city does certainly sound fun, but its equally difficult”, while Sumit Kharbanda of 4th sem BT said “waking up every morning, sharp on time, and all by ourselves is one hell of a task, because we always had to be on time.” Mansi Sharda put it correctly, “we now know how to manage money (laughs)”, and Sutirtho Ghosh says “this trip taught me tricks for regularity.”
This trip to Mumbai certainly taught us regularity, punctuality, discipline,  social awareness;  socialising and we’ve made some very good friends for life. We learnt how to adapt to new people and places, it made us come out of our comfort zones and explore new horizons. Golden opportunities do not walk up to you, you have to look for them and this was one such example that we certainly could not leave to chance.
The credit for this learning and winning is not ours; we owe this to our Management for being supportive and having faith in us. We could not have gone a step ahead if our HOD Dr .Sarita Sachdev would not have agreed to send us. We thank our Director, Dr.Soni, our HOD, Abhishek sir (D.R), and Nidhi ma’am for supporting us at every step. And the personality behind it all could have been none other than Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice President MRIU without whose support just nothing would have been possible.


It has always been the endeavor of Manav Rachna group to balance academics and extra curricular activities at all levels of  teaching. And while doing so the MR Group provides facilities for sports like cricket, shooting, golf, a well equipped top of the line gym to mention a few.

Manav Rachna Corporate Cricket Challenge – 2010
The participation does not end at the school or  the university  level. The Management believes that matches within the Corporate world is an excellent way of net-working and getting to bridge the gap between industry and the education arena .  And hence the Corporate Cricket Cup.
Here  are  some  of  the highlightswere  16  teams  participated.  The matches began in end January and the finals were played on March 26, 2011.
The participating teams were
Aaj Tak, NDTV,Supreme Court Cricket  Association,  MRIU,  NHPC, NHAI, NHPC,  CLASS  India,  RBS, JCB,Sports  Scribes,  Jagaran Group, Asian Hospital, RBS, Maruti, IILFW and Indian Oil .
The Final Match of  “Manav Rachna  Corporate  Cricket  Challenge  – 2010”was  played  at MRIU  Cricket ground The Final  match of the tournament was played between NDTV and Supreme Court Cricket Association. Captain of
Supreme Court won the  toss  and  elected  to  Field  first. NDTV scored 226/6 runs in 20 overs. For NDTV team Mr. Ashish Bhandari were main run getters who scored 71 runs in 33 balls (3 four, 7 Sixes), Mr Amitoj , 35 runs in 21 balls (4 fours,2 Sixes), Gaurav  34 runs  in 19 balls (4Sixes ),  & Rakesh made 26 runs in 13 balls. respectively.

For Supreme Court Bowling   Mr. Abhishek took 3 wickets in 4 overs and  given 42 runs, Mr. Venkat (3-0-39-2), Anil gaur (4-0-44-1). In  reply    Supreme Court   made 229/3  in  17.5 overs  and Won the match by 7 wickets  . For   Supreme Court team, Mr. Abhishek made 143 runs Not out  in 59 balls (15 four, 9 Sixes), Mr. Aditya made  66 runs  in 26 balls (1 fours, 8 Sixes) ,respectively. The bowlers  for NDTV were Mr. Sidhant (4-0-31-2) and Mr. Suresh  (4-0-46-0) ,Mahavir (3-0-42-0). Mr.  Abhishek  of  Supreme Court Team, was declared Man of the Match for  his  brilliant  performance.  He scored 143 runs of 59 balls & took 3 wickets for his team.
The Prizes were given away  by Sh. Sukhbir Singh Kataria,Hon’ble Sports Minister,  Govt  of  Haryana.    Dr. O.P.Bhalla, Chancellor of MRIU, Mr. N.C.Wadhwa,  Vice  Chancellor  of MRIU,  Dr.  M.M.Kathuria,  General Secretariat of  MRIU, Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice  President  of MRIU  were  also present on this occasion .

The Prizes given away in the Tournament are as follows
The Winner Trophy                               - Supreme Court Advocate Cricket Association
The Runner Up Trophy                          - NDTV Team
The Details of Individual Prizes as under:-

Best  Batsman  of  the  Tournament        - Mr.Abir Lavasa  of MREI Team

Man  of  the  tournament                        - Mr. Aditya of Supreme Court Team.

Best Bowler of the Tournament               - Mr. Mahavir Rawat of NDTV Team .

Best Fielder of the Tournament               - Mr.  Abhishek  of  Supreme  Court Team.

Man of the Match (Final)                        - Mr.  Abhishek  of  Supreme  Court Team.